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Watch repair for beginners
Watch repair for beginners
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Buch in englischer Sprache: Watch repair for beginners. The definitive guide to watch repairing from a master of the craft. Written by Hans Jendritzky. Watch Repair for Beginners is the ideal book for anyone who wants to know how to fix their own watch. Learn what horology is. Chapter I: repairing modern watches, II: learn how to open and close a watch case, III: watch glasses, IV: save time when taking down watches, V: checking watertightness, VI: the hands, VII: the dial, VIII: keyless work, IX: winding buttons, X: the motion work, XI: replacing the winding-shaft, XII: the click-work, XIII: balance staff, roller, balance, XIV: the balance spring, XV: the lever escapement, XVI: the pin pallet escapement, XVII pivots and their bearings shock absorbers, XVIII: barrel and mainspring, XIX: cleaning watch parts, XX assembling and oiling, XXI: regulating with the timing machine, XXII: conversion table from lignes to millimeters. All Chapters with detailed black-and-white illustrations, this timeless classic is a must-have addition to any horology lover´s and hobbyist watchmaker. Language: English, 134 pages.